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SCASI Research
Making decisions with knowledge, understanding & insight

Principles of scientific inquiry applied to business and science, rests on sound substantive knowledge about questions and methods used to address these questions. It is best to temper the assessment of outcomes of scientific inquiry by reasoned and considered inference making. As a responsible research analytical organization, we offer our scientific analytical services scientific inference making to help application in real world scenario. In current analytical practices, epidemiological principles are applicable in all aspects of business and scientific studies -  whether those are clinical trials, population-based observational studies, hospital-based clinical studies, or computer- based in-silico simulations.

At SCASI Research, our background spans extensive, rich and varied experience in several countries involving the academic world; business world, real-world clinical, writing, editorial, clinical research, grant writing, medical publishing, statistical and epidemiological analyses, bioethics, CE development program planning and evaluation skills with several software (R, SAS, JMP, SPSS, AMOS, STATA, SUDAAN, STELLA and more).

Substantive areas: include medical, dental, public health, pharmaceutical, business, financial, and actuarial sciences.

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